AsSalaamu Alaikum & Hello,

Here I will try to help you with the settings for WS-FTP PRO.

When you open the WS-FTP go to the top and click on Connection Wizard.

In the next screen add a name like ( Saudi Net) or Saudi Net Home page, just so you know what webpage you are connected to.


Here you have to have


Here you put your User Name & Password that you have


Have this set to FTP


Now you will see what you put in.


This is what you will see on top

Open Local

This is what you will see .

Be sure you save your main page as index.htm or it will not show up on the net

Open Remote Connection, to upload your stuff.

This is what you will see. Select all of your stuff in your folder to upload click the arrow -> to upload.

Every thing on your Computer is on the left side and what you uploaded is on the right.

To get WS-FTP Pro you can find the link on my link page.